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Your power to decide

It is our fundamental belief that it should be in your hands to decide how and when to start a family without having to worry about an unwanted pregnancy. MyContraception.com aims to help you take your health into your own hands whether you are new to contraception, or your current method no longer works for you. 

MyContraception.com is an educational website available in more than 20 countries in local language. It has been created and has been operated by Bayer AG since 2018. The objective is to provide knowledge about the different contraceptive methods available to you and assist you in comparing their pros and cons. By providing information and tools, we want to empower you to have a confident and productive discussion with your doctor or nurse to jointly find the option that best suits your lifestyle, plans, and needs. 

We believe that family planning, including access to modern contraceptives, should be a fundamental right for every woman in the world. We want to empower girls and women to decide when  to have children, especially in low- and middle-income countries, where teenage pregnancy continues to be a serious health concern. This not only increases women’s health, but it also gives them greater autonomy over their lives, with better access to education and subsequent employment. Therefore, contraceptive choice and the knowledge about the choice, improves women's health and promotes social change for women, their families, and the wider communities. 

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Our content 

MyContraception.com is based on information published in scientific journals and books. In addition, content is undergoing a rigorous fact- checking process by experienced gynecologists and scientists before it is published on MyContraception.com

Throughout the website we use the term “woman” or the pronouns “she/her” for readability, unless indicated otherwise. We want everyone with contraceptive needs to feel included, cisgender women, transgender and non-binary people* as well as partners of those who use the contraceptive method. 


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If you want to report a side effect or quality complaint, please contact your healthcare professional (e.g. physician or pharmacist) or your local health authority.

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About Bayer 


About Women’s Healthcare at Bayer 

Bayer is a recognized leader in women’s healthcare, with a long-standing commitment to delivering science for a better life by advancing a portfolio of innovative treatments. Bayer offers a wide range of effective short- and long-acting birth control methods as well as therapies for menopause management and gynecological diseases. Bayer is also focusing on innovative options to address the unmet medical needs of women worldwide. Today, Bayer’s research and development efforts focus on finding new treatment options for menopause as well as gynecological diseases and includes several compounds in various stages of pre-clinical and clinical development. Together, these projects reflect the company’s approach to research, which prioritizes targets and pathways with the potential to alter the way that gynecological diseases are treated. 


Did you know? 

By 2030, we are committed to providing 100 million women in low- and middle-income countries with access to modern contraception. 

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